Respira is at the start of a journey to clean the world’s air through a twofold approach of steps to reduce polluting emissions and preserving and growing our naturally provided purifiers – the lungs of the planet – plants.

This may involve new technology, natural processes such as phytoremediation or changes in behaviour to reduce harmful pollutants such as nitrous oxides, heavy metals, and fine particles.

Extensive research has identified a number of plant species and microbes that have the capacity to absorb and break down pollutants at the same time as contributing to the reduction of carbon dioxide levels. This includes the removal of fine particle matter, PM10 and PM2.5, as well as ultra-fine PM0.1.

If you would like to speak to us about growing these plants to clean local air and contributing to increasing the world’s natural resource of pollutant cleansing green lungs please get in touch.

Through partnerships and collaborations we are seeking to find holistic solutions to help create local climates with clean unpolluted air. This includes taking into account aesthetic and biodiversity factors to ensure plants are suitable for each location. Details of these projects will appear here.